Decorated Camel


I've been to Jordan middle of this month for the business trip and could have one day-off. We've been to PETRA - most amazing historical place in the world. There are many Camels and Donkeys working in PETRA as a "taxi" because you have to walk long distance to enter PETRA and PETRA itself is amazingly huge place. We did ride on Donkeys, not Camels as we were a bit scare of and it's a bit expensive :-p
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Bianchi Passo '06

Bianchi Passo '06

Most of weekdays, I'm commuting to my office by bicycle. It takes about 30 mins for 10Km. It's not only good for my health to commute by bicycle but also good for my mind as I hate commuting on the train that is always 200% packed by many many business persons in Tokyo, which is really hard and tough.
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Cherry Blossom season has come


It is best weekend to see a cherry blossom in Tokyo. It is sunny day today and tomorrow morning, but the weather forecast says that we have rain tomorrow afternoon and most of cherry blossom will be gone. It is only a few days that you can enjoy them, that's why, I think, it is beautiful and remain in our mind until next season.
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Beach in Tel Aviv


Taken on the beach in Tel Aviv. I've been there on a business trip for 2 weeks staying Dan Hotel where you can see a great view of Mediterranean sea. I loved staying there and really enjoyed. Wanna back there with my family as a private travel.
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Just started with no reason behind


It's just started today. Posting my photos here everyday with no reason. I just came up to do so myself.

No photos, no life.

That's it.
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